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1646 Exhibition

Images from our show in the South Tower, Aldeburgh.

August 27, 2011   1 Comment

Exhibition – Aldeburgh

August 17, 2011   No Comments

Mark Blane at the South Tower

Jan interviews Mark Blane, a performance artist who took part in Aldeburgh Art Festival. Mark will be a guest artist at our next show on August 26th. More information coming soon.

Jan Candy and Mark Blane

To listen to the interview click on the link below.

Mark Blane Performance Artist

June 21, 2011   1 Comment

Response to 1646 from Richard Demarco

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Purplesnail took part in AldeburghArt on the  21st and 22nd May and many people stopped by to see our stand. As you can see from the photograph we were not displaying any art, but we were asking a question. Thank you to all those who gave us their responses, if you were unable to answer at the time or did  not attend on Saturday or Sunday please click on the  postcard below to read our question, then send your responses to

PS Please note we are aware of the gaffe in the text on the postcard, hung should be hanged. :-)


May 23, 2011   No Comments

purplesnail attend aldeburghART launch

March 16, 2011   No Comments

Catherine H-D

Christchurch Park

Snow was swirling all around the park, the sky looked heavy and pinky-grey and the trees were slightly opaque.

March 10, 2011   No Comments

Jan Candy

“Pier View” is plastic clay and oil on canvas  40 x30 cms

This is the view from my balcony on a winter’s morn. The horizon is constantly changing and this was a day when it was there and contributing to the whole land and seascape.


March 8, 2011   No Comments

Carol Pask

Carol Pask

My work is of an abstract quality and evolves as a response to my environment, shapes and patterns in nature particularly influence me, and these images are then distilled into non-representational interpretations.

I work in stoneware and porcelain combining traditional methods and materials to create contemporary sculptural pieces which are often fused with metal, wood or slate: I am particularly interested in colours derived from natural sources.  Much of the work is hand-built, and colour has been achieved using oxides and traditional firing methods such as raku and smoke firing.

I seek a balance between the controlled structure of the work and the chaos of the firing.  These elements combine in the production of the finished form and surface.

March 2, 2011   No Comments